Click the “contact” button in the upper left corner of the tools sidebar to let us know if you are having issues or need clarification on how something works.
We are adding new features all of the time. Have a suggestion? Use the “contact” button in the upper left corner of the tools sidebar.
Use the “Edit Reference Markers” button in the legend to add reference lines to your plot in the data tool.
Click the “gear” button at the top of the tools sidebar to add more tools to your list.
Click the “gear” button at the top of the links sidebar to add externally hosted content such as images or ESRI ArcGIS maps of your system.
Maximize your screen real estate by minimizing the left and right sidebars. See how here.
Was that another 100-year storm? Use the rainfall IDF tool to explore the rainfall intensity, duration and frequency of your storms.
There are two places to export data: the data table tool and manage data tool.
Use the upload tool to add data to your account from several formats like Excel, CSV, text files and flow meter data files.
Have a unique data format? Contact us to inquire about a custom upload adapter to get your data into H2Ometrics.
Peace of mind in just seconds a day: use the H2Ometrics reports tool to have simple, powerful reports sent you by email or text message every morning.
Smart utility system monitoring: H2Ometrics watches your water or sewer data and notifies you when something unusual is happening in your system.
H2Ometrics works with any time series data: water, sewer, rainfall, river gauges, water quality and many others.
Unlimited users included: share data with your entire team, vendors, consultants or any other third party you designate.
Mobile alerts: receive text messages of alerts or reports and view your data on a mobile plot right on your phone.
What’s the green padlock in the URL bar? All your data is encrypted using 256 bit SSL – the same security protections used for on-line banking.
How is it so fast? H2Ometrics has optimized data transmission and graphical rendering to make our tools unbelievably fast.
Meter math: have a need to add a series of meters together to create a computed data feed? Just ask and we can create a custom computator.
Add more facilities: bringing continuous data from any facility into H2Ometrics is easy. Contact us and we will help walk you through it.
Organizations that make better use of data will be more successful.